I’m an unemployed IT Professional.  How can AITP help me?

  • Networking with your peers by participating our Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) and their corresponding LinkedIn Sub-groups and by attending Chapter Meetings and other special events
  • Education to enhance your skills – informal education through Chapter Meeting and SIG presentations and more formal education and skill enhancements from offerings of our Learning Institute

AITP offers special reduced membership rates for people in transition.  Plus you can attend most of our events before becoming a member.

What makes AITP different from other associations?

  • AITP offers value for all IT professionals, “from the classroom to the board room”.
  • Our SIGs provide an opportunity for like professionals to share experiences, problems and solutions in a roundtable environment and an opportunity for collaborate outside of the formal meetings.

What kinds of IT Professionals does AITP service?

AITP is a national organization with student and professional chapters throughout the United States.  It is broken down into 9 Regions.  Our Chicago Chapter is part of Region 5 which includes Illinois and neighboring states such as Wisconsin and Indiana.  We are open to any level of professional up through managers, directors and CIOs.  As you’ll note from our SIGs we cover all areas of technology, e.g. security, PMO, application development, mobile, infrastructure, etc.  We also work closely with more specialized IT and business associations such as PMI, ISSA SIM and the Executives Club of Chicago.

What other benefits does AITP provide?

  • Product and services discounts are available from Alliance and Affinity Partners at both the National and Chapter levels.
  • Leadership opportunities are provided at both the Chapter and SIG level.  This is an excellent way to provide contributions to the technology community while at the same time enhancing your leadership and technical skills.


I am an IT Executive.  Are there programs that I can use to help my organization?

  • The Office of the CIO SIG provides opportunities for your direct reports to collaborate with peers and share experiences and vendor knowledge and to learn from each other.
  • The Learning Institute program with Patina provide hands-on, workshop based learning to help IT professionals improve their ability to successfully deliver business initiatives.  Our surveys indicate that improving the business skills of their technology staffs is one of the most urgent needs of technology executives.   This customized course is offered at an unbeatable, subsidized rate for AITP members.
  • AITP also provides opportunities for your staffs to participate in its specialized SIGs and LinkedIn Groups and to improve their presentation skills by sharing their knowledge as part of SIG and/or Chapter presentations.

What benefits are there for my company becoming an Enterprise member?

  • Discounted membership rates are provided for 2 levels – Level 1, 3-9 members; Level 2, 10+ members
  • Centralized billing – your organization can designate one person as the billing coordinator and AITP National provides a spreadsheet that allows you to designate who the members are at each location or business unit (that is, your company could have 7 members aligned with the Chicago Chapter and 3 with one of the New York Chapters – qualifying you for the 10+ member discount level).

What does the Enterprise Membership cost?

  • Level 1, 3-9 members – cost for Chicago Chapter Members is $110 per person
  • Level 3, 1-+ members – cost for Chicago Chapter Members is $100 per person

Membership dues include a national, regional and chapter component.  Since Chapter dues are different for each chapter, the dues amount billed by National vary by Chapter.


I’m a full time student.  How do I become an AITP member?

  • The first step is to determine if your school already has an active student chapter.  If so, contact either the student chapter faculty sponsor or one of the Student Chapter officers to learn about their organization.  You can then sign up for the Student Chapter via www.aitp.org , selecting the appropriate student chapter in the process.   See the Membership tab on our site for more information and a link to the appropriate part of the national site.
  • If your school doesn’t have an active chapter you have two options;  First, you can try to organize one.  You will need to find a faculty sponsor and you need to recruit 10 members to have a formal chapter.   We have contacts at most of the universities and can help you find a willing sponsor.   You can find a document at www.aitp.org that explains the procedures and provides the forms for forming a student chapter.  Secondly, you can join the AITP Chicago – Student Chapter at Large

I’m a part time student.  Can I join AITP?

Although you need to be a full-time student to join AITP as a student member, we work closely with the Illinois Technology Foundation and their Student Technology Club.  See http://illinoistechfoundation.org/ for more information.  There is no charge for joining the Club.

What benefits do I get as an AITP Student Member?

You get all of the benefits of AITP at both the Chapter and National Level.  This includes any product and service discounts and membership rates for all events where fees are charged.  Many events, such as SIGs, are free to AITP members.

How do I keep my AITP membership active after I graduate?

AITP has a special category for you. It’s called the “Student to Professional Membership” and it reduces your annual membership fee by $50 for each of the first 3 years after graduation.


What is the purpose of a Shared Interest Group (SIG)?

The topics covered at our Chapter meetings are generally at a fairly high level and attract a wide range of IT Professionals. The presenters are generally Senior level executives. The SIGs provide a platform for groups of people with common interests to share their knowledge and experiences in an informal setting. This allows them to drill down to a more detail level on specific problems and potential solutions.

I’m a vendor. Can I attend Shared Interest Group meetings?

Each SIG determines its own rules, but generally, a vendor can attend SIG meetings as long as they bring a client or prospect Practitioner with them. No “sales activities” are allowed at meetings., though clearly if you are contributing value, the SIG members will recognize that. Introducing Practitioners to a SIG is a great way for a sales person to provide value to there prospects and clients.

Technical staff not involved in sales can be considered “Practitioners” for SIG purposed. For instance, a Project Manager from Accenture can attend the PMO SIG as a Practioner, whereas an Account Manager or sales person would not. They would have to bring a Practitioner with them to be eligible to attend a PMO SIG meeting.

We believe there is value in providing different perspectives and knowledge. Practitioners, vendors, educators and students all can provide and obtain value from these meetings.

As a vendor, are there other ways I can participate in a SIG?

Yes. Each SIG has one or more co-chairs. We have found that the ideal structure for a SIG is to have 3 co-chairs comprised of 2 practitioners and one vendor. In addition, SIGs are always looking for locations for their meetings and for sponsors for coffee and roles. These are ways to gain exposure to SIG members and to contribute to the success of the SIGs.