Shared Interest Groups

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SIG Organization

SIGs provide a collaborative platform for IT professionals to share knowledge, skills and experiences. Our SIGs are all-volunteer, self-running groups of professionals. Ideally each SIG has 3 co-chairs and an Executive Sponsor (generally an AiTP Chicago Board Member).   Each SIG determines its own mission and rules.  Although our SIGs are primarily for practitioners, we have found it effective for one of the co-chairs to be a Vendor.  However,  “sales” activities are not permitted in SIG or Chapter Meetings.

Vendor/Consultant Participation in SIGs

Although each SIG makes its own rules, generally sales people from vendors can attend SIG meetings if they bring a practitioner from one of their prospects or clients with them.  This is a way for sales people to provide value to their prospects and clients while gaining visibility in the practitioner community.

In addition, non-sales people working at vendor companies can participate in SIGs related to their area of focus. i.e. an application developer from a software vendor can participate in the Application SIG and a project manager from a vendor can participate in the PMO SIG. This actually benefits both vendors and corporate practitioners by exposing each to a greater variety of experiences and processes.

Forming a new SIG or Volunteering as a SIG Leader

AITP Chicago is always seeking volunteers to help lead our various Shared Interest Groups for today and beyond. If you would like to be involved in a current SIG and/or have ideas for new groups to help expand our reach please contact our Chapter President, Justin Nemeth at