Building Effective Technology Leaders

Building Effective Technology Leaders
Executive Sponsor: Justin Nemeth – President AITP Chicago

Mission:  To provide the communication and business skills professionals need to become more effective IT leaders.

Focus Areas: Management Skills – Leadership, Team Building, Collaboration, Communications, Influence, Effective Presentations

As IT professionals, we are much more than technicians.  We are also marketers in the business of selling change.  When people understand the broad vision and the possibilities that change delivers, as well as the path forward to achieve it, fear and resistance is replaced with enthusiasm and a clear view of what is truly possible.

Change is a given in the world of Technology. As a result, no matter what your Technology specialization or title, you are tasked with delivering change.  In order to be successful, you must be adept at communicating the importance and value of the changes being made from a business perspective.  You also must position these changes in a way that they can and will be readily adopted by the individuals that make up your organization. Yet, instead of generating excitement about changes (e.g., positive conspiracy), Technology tends to focus on the facts supporting changes (e.g., products, features, functions, and benefits).  Within this forum C-Level executives share their successes driving transformation programs.

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