Tech Partnership Transforms Surplus Computers Into Opportunity

Students To Receive Donated Computers To Assist Technology, Math and Science Studies


COLUMBUS, OhioSage Sustainable Electronics and the Illinois Technology Foundation (ITF) have joined in a strategic partnership to support low-income science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students with donations of fully refurbished computers.


“Kids studying technology, math or the sciences need on-demand access to digital resources, especially at home,” said Bill Waas, ITF Chairman. “We want to make sure their academic success is never limited by their ability to afford a computer.”


ITF is calling on companies from across Illinois to donate surplus technology that Sage will refurbish to supply the ITF initiative. Sage President Jill Vaské stated that two-thirds of computers otherwise destined for the recycling shredders are still operational. “As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Sage repairs, cleans, and loads great Microsoft software to ensure students can gain proficiency with the tools they’ll be using in their careers,” Vaské said. “Our goal is to provide every user with a new device experience.”


Sage is also arranging logistics from the donor’s location, and providing certified data destruction services at no cost to the donor. Items not meeting donation criteria will be resold, with proceeds used to support the ITF program. Items not suitable for donation or resale will be responsibly recycled by Hugo Neu Recycling, an e-Stewards certified electronics recycler.


Sage’s mission is to make the world more sustainable by extending the life of used electronics. Vaské explained when corporate technology is prematurely recycled, value is needlessly destroyed, and environmental impact increased. “Sage improves our customers’ financial and sustainability results by simply reusing more and recycling less,” Vaské said.


Companies interested in contributing surplus technology to the ITF initiative should contact Sage at (844) 472-4373 or, or visit


About the Illinois Technology Foundation

The Illinois Technology Foundation is a grassroots organization with over 500 passionate volunteers focused on developing and retaining the best IT talent and leadership in Illinois. ITF programs include Fifty for the Future®, annual awards made to 50 Illinois college students, and 10 high school students, recognizing academic performance and contributions to their communities.

ITF Contact:          William Waas

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About Sage Sustainable Electronics

Sage works with companies nationwide to conveniently and professionally transition their used electronics for further use by themselves or others through resale, redeployment and donation, and as a last resort and final resort, recycling.

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