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In Response to Covid-19 we began a series of Virtual Meetings using Zoom.   These meetings, where allowed, have been recorded and are available to AITP Members after login to our new membership management system.  The archive will eventually include recordings and copies of related documents as well as other presentations and articles of interest to technology professionals.  As our Archive grows, so will the value of your membership in AITP Chicago.

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INDEX of Items in the Archive:

AITP Chicago - Chapter Meetings

9-28-2021  Virtual Meeting, "Innovation Elegance - Frameworks to Improve the Discipline and Empathy You Bring to Your Innovation Factory", Presenter, Robert Snyder

8-31-2021  Virtual Meeting, "12 Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation", Presenter, Marian Cook

8-18-2021 Virtual Meeting, "Future-Prepping Your Career", Presenter, Andy Kaufman

7-8-2021 Virtual Meeting, "Improving Interactions by Avoiding the Drama Triangle", Presenter, Vicki Van Alphen

6-24-2021 Virtual Meeting , Panel: "Why Does Technology Still Lack Diversity?", Moderator: Sandee Kastrul, Panelists: Sreelatha Surendranathan, Andrea Goodwin, Albert Leon Murphy and Asfa Malik

6-3-2021 Virtual Meeting,  "How to Use Big Data to Improve Healthcare Quality, Reduce Staff Turnover, and Enhance Patient Acquisition - a Case Study"

5/7/2021, Virtual Meeting, "The Challenges of Analyzing Large Datasets"

4/29/2021, Virtual Meeting, "A Perfect IT Storm:  And what it means for IT Professionals"

3/18/2021, Virtual Meeting, "Conversational AI:  How Will Your Business Adapt", Presenter, Peter Haas

2/11/2021, Virtual Meeting "RPA - Finding the Value", Presenter, Jim Maholic

2/4/2021, Virtual Meeting, "Panel on Diversity & Inclusion to Drive Revenue and Innovation", Moderator, Shelton Banks, Panelists: Elizabeth D.Ogunti, Rachelle Felix-Blackmon , Michael Hill, Julianna Cole

2/1/2021, Virtual Meeting, "Zero Trust Architecture", Presenters, Laszlo Gonc and Pete Salerno

1/28/2021, Virtual Meeting, "Why Enterprise IT Projects Fail - and a Simple Solution, Presenter, Dave Burrill

1/13/2021, Virtual Meeting on "Introduction to Quantum Computing", Presenter, Robert Loredo

1/7/2021, Virtual Meeting on "What Trends Will Stick After Covid-19", Presenters, Lorenzo De Leon and Jolanta Pomiotlo

12-7-2020, Virtual Meeting on "IoT - Where is it Being Used and Where is it Heading", Presenter, Abhishek Sharma

11-30-2020, Virtual Meeting on "Enterprise Architecture", Presenter, Dr. Liyu You

10-8-2020,  Virtual Meeting on "Predictive Analytics", Presenter, John Young

9-28-2020, Virtual Meeting  "Panel on Talent Acquisition", Moderator Diana Quinn, Panelists:  Chip Joseph, Denyse Pashup, and CeRue Van den Broeck

8-19-2020  Joint Meeting with ISACA Chicago "Rethinking Networking",  Jill Fahlgren, Presenter


9-22-2021  Virtual Meeting, "Chatbots, Virtual Cognitive Agents and Conversational AI - Improving Customer Service", Presenter, Allan Anderson

7-22-2021 Virtual Meeting, "AI, ML and DL, What Are They and How Do You Apply Them?, Speaker, Roger Moore

1-21-2021  Virtual Meeting, "AI Ethics and Handling Unjust Bias in Data", Presenter, Mike Bernico, Presenter

Office of the CIO SIG

4-21-2021  Virtual SIG Meeting "How to Make Your IT Organization Disruptively Innovative",  An Interview with Justin Lahullier, Interviewer, Steve Salisbury

10-22-2020  Virtual SIG Meeting "Component Content Management Systems", Brian Ippolito, Presenter

8-26-2020   Virtual SIG Meeting "Panel on Diversity and Inclusion", Moderator Wei Aniton, Panelists:  Molly Barrett , Derek Christopher, Leilani Lauger, Mohamed Sonko

6-24-2020   Virtual SIG Meeting   "Driving a New Culture to Embrace the Digital Age"    Steve Salisbury, Presenter

Leadership and Teamwork SIG

5-19-2021  Virtual SIG Meeting on "Transforming Your Organization's Culture, Jeff Singleton, Presenter

10-13-2020  Virtual SIG Meeting      "Employee Engagement"  Zbig Skiba, Presenter

7-23-2020    Virtual SIG Meeting      "Connecting in a Virtual World"  Erika Jones, Presenter

6/11/2020    Virtual SIG Meeting     "Remote Development Team Productivity"       Inna Berkovich, Presenter

4/22/2020    Virtual SIG Meeting    "Conflict NOT Combat!"     Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski, Presenter

DevSecOps & Security SIGs

6-15-2021  Virtual Meeting  "Beyond SolarWinds"  Laszlo Gonc, Presenter

9/24/2020  Virtual Meeting   "The Ransomware Epidemic"   Stephanie Snyder and Elizabeth Martin, Presenters

5/5/2020    Virutal Meeting    "Security in the Age of Covid-19"    Laszlo Gonc, Presenter


7-30-2020   Virtual Meeting  "Putting Some More "P's" Into the PPM Paradigm"     Brad Malone, Presenter

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