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AITP Chicago’s Leadership & Teamwork SIG Virtual Meeting on Transforming Culture

  • Wed, May 19, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CST)

You’re Invited to an informational Virtual Meeting.   (See Registration link below)

Topic:  Transforming Your Organization’s Culture…  The Impossible Turn?

Who is managing your organization? You or the culture? Culture in charge sir!

Many attempts, well intentioned, by leadership to change the culture unfortunately go nowhere.

Why is that? What does true transformation look like? And when will we get there? Are we there yet?

All too frequently it seems nearly impossible to change the culture. If culture is so hard to change, why bother? Should we simply abandon trying?

Many questions with so few concrete answers is frustrating. One thing is for sure. To be able to pivot with market changes, external pressures and threats, your company needs a culture of flexibility baked into your DNA, your culture. The risks of not changing have dire outcomes.

But how?

We’ll explore:

  • Practical, but not so obvious, ways to approach culture change (evolution versus revolution)
  • Ingredients that contribute to success
  • How to sustain changes over the long haul
  • Pitfalls and consequences

Speaker:  Jeff Singleton, Founder and President of The Project Factory, Inc. and Managing Principal of Applied Product Lifecycle Strategies (APLS).

Jeff is a veteran management consultant and change agent with expertise leading strategic initiatives, implementations, and transformations in the public sector and well known global enterprises with clients like: Pfizer, AbbVie, Aon, Motorola Solutions, NASA, Lockheed Martin, US Navy – Department of Defense among many others.

As an Agile Leadership Coach and Consultant with experience catalyzing transformations across multiple disciplines in the Lean/Agile spectrum, Jeff teaches, coaches and helps clients apply the principles and values in a variety of industries in both IT and non-IT. His focus in coaching is to keep people progressing in the right direction – experimenting with new behaviors, testing different tactics then practicing and embedding the most effective ones in pursuit of becoming a learning organization.

Prior to starting The Project Factory, Jeff was co-founder and president of LegaServ/++, Inc, an IT management consulting company, serving Fortune 1000 and government for over a decade.

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