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Leading in Today's New World

  • Thu, February 24, 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

You’re Invited to an informational Virtual Meeting.   (See Registration link below)

Topic: Leading in Today’s New World

As this world has changed and is continuing to change so has the way to lead continue to evolve & change. The old ways of taking a top down leadership style is out the door. Employees are demanding more from leaders ... more flexibility, more input, more & better communication. And, yes, communication is an overused word and the manner in which communication is defined is changing also.

Which will you choose? The Classic Leadership style of top down driven vision/mission or the Servant Leadership style of inclusiveness putting the needs of others before the needs of the company. And is there a hybrid style of leadership evolving in this new world?

With all of this constant change happening, every level of the workforce must learn how to lead so everyone can embrace change and not fear change. Whether change is personal or professional it creates stress because it pushes us outside of our comfort zone to try something new and different. Even how we communicate has pushed us to pivot and change for more understanding. 

In this talk, you will:

  • Learn to Embrace the Change process for leading in a new way
  • Discover how to lead through the newly defined Communication Style
  • Learn to let go to accept more for greater contribution
Speaker: Denise Hansard

Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker

As an intuitive, a strategic minded analyzer and a transformational life coach, I bring these gifts together to lovingly work with my clients on a journey of choosing their worth creating their authentic best life ... personally and professionally. Through this journey, I bring my intuition to the forefront in our work allowing my spiritual nature to guide me for what is next for them along with giving them the strategic tools to make it happen.

I’ve spent over 20 years mastering transformation in my own life along with shifting others to master it in theirs. Stepping into the value you bring, as an entrepreneur or career woman, is about your mindset with the choice to embrace growth.

With a Masters in Counseling, a Certification in Life Coaching and 20 years in the corporate world (Certified Pricing Professional), I’m an expert in transformation and change. 

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