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Join AITP and Select AITP Chicago as your local Chapter

Individual Membership Enrollment is all handled through the CompTIA AITP National Site.  As part of that process you’ll be able to select a local chapter to align with.  Select the AITP Chicago Chapter.

Click Here to Go to the National site enrollment page where you will be able to select from 4 types of membership.  This page will open in a new tab so that you can easily return to the AITP Chicago site by simply closing the tab.

Group Enrollment – the Enterprise Membership Program

There are 2 level of Enterprise Membership:

Standard Dues

National Dues $99 + Chapter Dues $40 = Total Dues $139/member

Enterprise Level 1 (5-9 employees) – 10% Discount

National Dues $89 + Chapter Dues $36 = Total Dues $125/member

Enterprise Level 2 (10+ employees) – 20% Discount

National Dues $79 + Chapter Dues $32 = Total Dues $111/member

For the Enterprise program you need to designate a primary company contact.  This is the person that will receive then initial invoice and will be responsible for making any changes to the company roster.

Please use the AITP Chicago Enterprise Membership Form (.xls) to submit your primary contact information and roster.  In addition to the company contact information, you will need to provide the name, title and email address for each of the members you would like to enroll.

Please send the completed Enterprise Enrollment Form to .

We will review and forward the form to National who will send an invoice to the person designated as the primary company contact.

Download the Enterprise Member Program Flyer



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