No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!™

Welcome to AITP

AITP  provides a community network for IT business professionals to reach their true potential by providing education programs for advancing technology and business skills, providing leadership development skills and opportunities, and providing networking, peer mentoring, knowledge sharing, and online resources.

As an AITP member, you will:

  • Exchange real life experiences and knowledge share with your peers.
  • Build a resource base of people you can call.
  • Network via thriving Social Media Communities (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+)
  • Contribute to the community of knowledge—the aitpNetwork social web site
  • Participate in seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Communicate with industry leaders, one-on-one.
  • Keep current with emerging technologies.
  • Develop your business skills.
  • Participate in opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Mentor professional and student members.
  • Receive discounts on products and services.
  • Show your commitment to the IT profession – provide a voice for the future.


Classes of Membership

Individual Professional Membership

Individuals who are or have been employed in the management of information resources including, but not limited to, managers, staff, sales, service providers, and educators. Professional Dues for the Chicago Chapter are $185/yr.

Join AITP Chicago as an Individual Professional – you will be transferred to the AITP National Site to sign up.

Enterprise Membership

(for Companies Sponsoring 3 or More Members)

Commercial, government, and education organizations by the nature of their business which use, employ, rely on information technology on a day to day basis to improve operations and/or provide strategic competitive advantages shall be eligible to become Enterprise Members of the Association. All Enterprise Member organizations must have at least 3 AITP members to be considered for an Enterprise membership. All members within the Enterprise Member organization shall possess the same rights as other professional members.

Two tiers are offered based on the number of interested employees.

  • Tier 1 is for 3-9 employees and is $110/person including local chapter dues.
  • Tier 2 is for 10 or more employees and is $100/person including local chapter dues.

To get started please download the following documents and follow the instructions to submit your application and members for the Enterprise Membership. The master application is for all members who would be covered under the Enterprise Membership and should be accompanied by individual applications for those who are not currently AITP members.  Please contact or call 800-224-9371 if you have questions.

Please download the following documents and follow the instructions:

Enterprise Membership Brochure – About Enterprise Membership and How to Apply
Enterprise Membership Master Application Form
Enterprise Membership New Members Application Form


Student Membership

Individual students currently enrolled in a university or college whose degree major is consistent with their desire to enter the information processing field. There are two active student chapters in the ChicagoLand area: Devry University – Chicago and Northern Illinois University. If you do not attend either of these schools, you can join the AITP Chicago – Student Chapter at Large. Student Chapter dues are $30/yr.

Join an AITP Student Chapter – you will be transferred to the AITP National site to sign up.

Student to Professional Membership

This membership discount is ONLY available to former AITP student members. Upon graduation, students are able to join AITP with all the rights and privileges of a Professional Member at a significantly discounted rate (plus professional chapter and region dues where applicable). AITP students are the lifeblood of our Association and chapters need to make every effort to convert their student chapter members to Professional Membership as soon as they graduate. Under this program, Association dues which are normally $105 per year, are reduced by $50 (to $55) for the first year of professional membership. This discount can be used anytime during the first three years following graduation or the expiration of student membership–whichever is later.  Please email for more information.